We started raising dogs in the early 1970's. Since then we have bred well over 50 champions with the Kabree prefix.
Our dogs are our companions first and show dogs second. We strive for dogs with correct type, solid structure, overall balance and a lovely head with beautiful eyes (expression is everything). We look for the ultimate show dog attitude and really watch the way the pups carry themselves as youngsters.
We don't breed very often, so puppies can be scarce around here. We breed the best of our line and only promote dogs that we feel have something to offer the breed.
We are very proud of our Kabree kids and their many accomplishments. Our hats are off to the owners who have helped them along the way. You will find that many of the dogs on this website don't live with us. They have their own people. We really appreciate all of the marvelous people who have our dogs and provide them with such wonderful loving homes.